Easy Adaptation

Equipment modification Ideas

  • Lighter, softer ball – slows game and allows more time to prepare and execute skill.
  • Shorter, lighter striking implement – allows greater control for weaker and less skilled players

Skill-level modification Ideas

  • Substitute wheeling for running; rolling a ball for throwing, striking a soccer ball with a floor hockey stick rather than foot
  • Simplify tasks

Rule modification Ideas

  • Don’t allow a direct challenge when the ball comes within two metres of a player
  • Allow a different scoring system to award points for specific behaviours
  • Allow an unlimited number of contacts with the ball before crossing net or centre line
  • Allow an unequal number on teams
  • Increase the number of trials allowed

Distance / Space modification Ideas

  • Use a smaller playing area
  • Lower or reposition the target
  • Reposition the start or finish line